Rain by Hai Zi 海子的雨

This is a poem by Hai Zi, a Chinese poet, that I translated.

make a fire and walk it to the boat to see the mountaintop, rain soaked, wheat field.
such small, weak, grains.

then extinguish the fire in front of the idols.
we rely on each other in silence.
you are a fairy, you live in the hamlet’s depths.

o moon, you frigid flame, the ever ripe maiden in your rain coat.

tonight’s flame is dressed to appear as a fresh flower.
to swim in the sky’s south.
to swim in the night, rise above the top of my head.

the little village in the highlands is small, impoverished.
it looks like a grain, like an umbrella.
the naked maiden in the umbrella silently doesn’t speak.

the impoverished, lonely, maiden looks like a queen, lives within the umbrella
sunlight and rainwater can only give you dust and mud.
you hide from everything in the umbrella
refusing tears and memories.