Tagore’s Birds

This is a poem that I worked on translating last summer by Rabindranath Tagore. It is about a forest bird and a caged bird asking each other to come over and play. I just found a photo of my translation and my favorite part.

my book and my work

বনের পাখি বলে “না, শেথা কোথায় উরিবারে পাই!”
The forest bird says, “No, how shall I find the chance to spread my wings!”
খাঁচার পাখি বলে “হায়, মেধে কোথায় বসিবার থাঁই।”
The caged bird says, “Alas, where on the clouds shall I find a safe place to roost.”

New Facebook Photo

my contribution to facebook art

I spent about an hour more than I should have converting to the new facebook. I saw a few people style their new photos in creative ways and I decided to try.

Because it took a bit of time, and I’m not sure how long it will last, I saved a screenshot of it and decided to post it here. It is a photo of my Dad and I recreating “The Creation of Adam” in our living room. Also I wanted my Dad to see it because he is in the photo and does not have a facebook.

Also, after I did all of this by hand, I found out that there is now a program to do it all for you. . . Awesome.

UPDATE: My profile picture just made it to Reddit! Check it out here.