Facing the Sea 面朝大海春暖花开 mian chao da hai chun nuan hua kai

This is a poem by Hai Zi, a Chinese poet, that I translated. It was written in January of 1989.


Facing the Sea, Warm Spring Flowers Blooming
by Hai Zi

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be fortunate,
greet the horses, split firewood, travel the globe.
Starting tomorrow, I’ll connect with the grain and the vegetables,
have a room, facing the sea, warm spring flowers blooming.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll talk to the bitter;
I’ll tell them about my happiness
and what the lightning strike of fortune tells me.
My desire is to tell everyone.

I’ll give every river, every mountain a warm name.
Strangers, I wish also for your fortune.
I wish you all a bright future,
wish you lovers and that love will find a way,
wish you’ll find fortune in this life.
I just wish to face the sea, and that warm spring flowers bloom.


Tagore’s Birds

This is a poem that I worked on translating last summer by Rabindranath Tagore. It is about a forest bird and a caged bird asking each other to come over and play. I just found a photo of my translation and my favorite part.

my book and my work

বনের পাখি বলে “না, শেথা কোথায় উরিবারে পাই!”
The forest bird says, “No, how shall I find the chance to spread my wings!”
খাঁচার পাখি বলে “হায়, মেধে কোথায় বসিবার থাঁই।”
The caged bird says, “Alas, where on the clouds shall I find a safe place to roost.”

New Facebook Photo

my contribution to facebook art

I spent about an hour more than I should have converting to the new facebook. I saw a few people style their new photos in creative ways and I decided to try.

Because it took a bit of time, and I’m not sure how long it will last, I saved a screenshot of it and decided to post it here. It is a photo of my Dad and I recreating “The Creation of Adam” in our living room. Also I wanted my Dad to see it because he is in the photo and does not have a facebook.

Also, after I did all of this by hand, I found out that there is now a program to do it all for you. . . Awesome.

UPDATE: My profile picture just made it to Reddit! Check it out here.