a black and white trip to Vietnam

the harbor

I visited Vietnam for the Lunar New year last week. I visited Ha Long Bay and an area called Tam Coc. Here are a few black and white photos I snapped there.

a small eatery

a man shaving himself in the mirror on the street

There were lots of local shops and people walking around on the streets.

some buildings did not seem to fit in with the rest
an old ship in the bay
a small boat carrying an even smaller human
the descending dragon
view from my boat
just a door to nowhere
a merry go round at the river’s edge
happy new years at the water puppet show

I saw a water puppet show, but most other attractions (like the “Getting a New Visa at the Embassy” attraction) were closed for the new year. I learned to say “Happy New Year” in Vietnamese and used it as my catch-all phrase for any situation.

a very old artist

I sneaked into the train station and walked around with my camera. I was on the tracks and got honked at when a train engine came through. I dramatically dove out of the way, but he was really only going about one mile per hour and checking out the line switches.

trains at the station



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